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The 457(b) Plan is also a voluntary, defined-contribution, tax-deferred as well as Roth after-tax plan governed by Internal Revenue Code 457(b). Similar to the 403(b) plan, the 457(b) plan offers the same expanded investment options, convenient payroll deductions, pre-tax contributions, and tax-deferred growth through TIAA.

University employees may also contribute to RSA-1 457(b) retirement plan through the Teachers' Retirement Systems of Alabama.

Contribution Limits

Employee contributions limits for 403(b) and 457(b) pre-tax and roth plans are set by the IRS.  The limits are applicable to contributions made in a calendar year (January - December). 

Pre-Tax and Roth Plans

Employee Calendar Year Limits
Under Age 50
Employee Calendar Year Limits
Age 50 or older
403(b) Plan $23,000 $30,500
457(b) Plan $23,000 $30,500
Both 403(b) and 457(b) plans $46,000 $61,000

How to Enroll

TIAA Quick Guide - This guide will provide instructions and tips to enroll, change contributions, investments, transfer assets, and change your beneficiary designation.


Retirement Counseling

On-campus individual counseling appointments are available with a financial advisor with TIAA.  Click here to view the upcoming counseling sessions.