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Frank Franz 

Home to the Honors College administration and students, this hall is near an on campus dining option and Morton Hall for academics. The building has a first floor laundry room, kitchen, and Multipurpose room that is used for classes and programs. 

Additional Details
  • Population: First Year Honors students
  • Suite Style: Fully furnished three or four person suites consisting of a common area, kitchenette, and private bathroom(s).
  • Located near Morton Hall and North Campus Residence Hall.
  • Connectivity: Wifi and Xfinity On Campus is provided.
Physical Address

1301 Ben Graves Dr.

Huntsville, AL 35816

Note: Mail is not delivered to this address. Send all mail to the Resident Mailroom

Floor Layout                                        Dimensions

1st Floor         3rd Floor                     Furniture

2nd Floor        4th Floor     

Suite Layout

4 bedroom


Hannah Colvin, Resident Director


Office Phone: 256-824-2682