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Charger Village Original

Built in 2010, Charger Village Original houses approximately 400 residents and is 5 stories high. The building is home to the Central Housing Office and Resident Mailroom. There is also a laundry facility and kitchen on each floor.

Additional Details
  • Population: Sophomores, Charger Excellence and Platinum Scholarship (sophomore and above) students, and first-year student athletes
  • Suite Style: Fully furnished two or four person suites consisting of a common area, kitchenette, and two private bathroom(s).
  • Located near Southeast Campus and Charger Village Food Court
  • Connectivity: Wifi and Xfinity On Campus is provided.
Physical Address

601 John Wright Dr.

Huntsville, AL 35805

Note: Mail is not delivered to this address. Send all mail to the Resident Mailroom

Floor Layout                                        Dimensions

1st Floor         4th Floor                     Furniture

2nd Floor        5th Floor       

3rd Floor                  

Suite Layout

Four Bedroom


Juliette Spurling, Resident Director   


Office Phone: 256-824-5120