morris new zealand4

Honors student, John Mark Morris, traveling in New Zealand, 2017.

UAH Honors is pleased to offer support to Honors Students seeking to Study Abroad. The purpose of SAGA is to enable opportunities for Honors students to study abroad, provide a unique way to earn Honors credit, and enhance international awareness and students' knowledge of other cultures, languages, and lands. For more information on the Study Abroad program at UAH, please visit

Deadline to apply for Summer or Fall 2019 travel is February 1,2019



Janki Patel "shared her Honors SAGA" by putting together a video of her travel experiences. You can find out more about her experience and hear from other students on the Honors Study Abroad Blog.

What Does SAGA Pay for?

UAH Honors will pay a student’s airfare for approved study abroad programs of any length.

  • Approved program means any UAH faculty-led or exchange program. It also includes any affiliate programs (such as USAC, API, AIFS, etc.). Eventually UAH will have affiliate agreements with all these programs, but students may still use these programs prior to these agreements. We recommend using this database to quickly and easily find Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Airfare will be paid through a stipend, and will not exceed certain amounts determined by average airfare for particular regions. Please see the Honors College SAGA policy for more information. A schedule of these amounts would look like this:
    • Africa: $2350
    • Asia: $2000
    • Australia/Oceania: $2,000
    • Central/North America: $850
    • Continental Europe (including Scandinavia): $1,850
    • Middle East: $1,950
    • South America: $1,950
    • United Kingdom: $1,750
  • Students with significant FAFSA documented financial need may be awarded an extra supplement to use toward their study abroad. For this reason, all students interested in studying abroad should fill out the FAFSA, regardless of whether they intend to apply for Federal Financial Aid. (Filling out the form alone does not commit you to aid.)
  • The moneys for this grant come directly from the Honors Student Fee.

How and when do I apply for SAGA?

  • Students can apply to the study abroad program of their choice and SAGA concurrently, but they cannot be paid until they are awarded the SAGA. They must also offer proof of acceptance into a study abroad program in order to be paid (an email confirmation will suffice). Note: students may wait to purchase their tickets until after a SAGA is awarded, but they must show acceptance into their study abroad program.
  • SAGA will have two annual deadlines:  September 21, 2018 for spring 2019 study abroad programs and February 4, 2019 for summer and fall 2019 programs.
  • Students should begin the process by selecting the program or exchange that interests them, and meeting with Beth Wilson and the Director of the Office of Study Abroad to go over requirements. Ms. Wilson will have a procedure and checklist to guide students through this process. 
  • Selection will be made by an ad hoc selection committee composed of members of the Honors Council and additional members with expertise in global studies, study abroad, and foreign cultures and languages.
  • See the Honors SAGA checklist for more information.

What are the requirements to be eligible?

  • Students must have completed 6 hours Honors Credit at the time the study abroad program begins.
  • They must be in good standing in Honors. They may apply while on Honors Probation.
  • They must have made application or be in the process of making application to the study abroad program of their choice

How do I apply for SAGA?

Honors Study Abroad Grant for Airfare Application



Applicants will be judged on the following, submitted as part of the application:


  • A brief summary of your selected study abroad program
  • Recommendation from one faculty member who knows you well
  • A 500 word maximum essay, answering the following question:


Tell us the impact your selected program will have on your academic experience, your Honors research, your professional goals, or your job marketability in ways that aren’t possible in the United States.

Focus on things specific to you. (For example, since “personal growth” would be an outcome for all students, it should not go in the essay.)

How do I earn Honors credit?

Students can earn Honors credits for study abroad. Once study abroad credits appear on the transcript, students can have up to 3 credit hours “honorized.” (In some exceptional cases, the Honors College may choose to honorize more than 3 credits; for example, students who enroll full time for a semester or more may receive more than 3 credits.) All Honors credit awarded depends on a transcript review. Please notify the Honors Advisor when your Study Abroad credit is on your transcript.

What is expected of me?

Honors Students are required to generate a weekly “share” of their study abroad experience. This can take the form of a blog, a photo-journal, video, etc. It is essential that students share their experience with other students if they receive the SAGA. (They can “share their SAGA”!)

For more information on SAGA, contact the Honors College Advisor, Beth Wilson.