A UAH student meets with a village elder in Ecuador
A UAH student visits the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
A UAH student in Bremen, Germany
A UAH student visits Florence, Italy
A UAH student poses with a sculpture in Saitama, Japan
A UAH student kayaking in Italy

UAH Honors is pleased to offer support to Honors students studying abroad. Globalization is strongly impacting the way the world works. No matter which profession you choose, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected.  

SAGA is a travel reimbursement that enables opportunities for Honors students to:

  • Study, intern, or research abroad.
  • Earn Honors credit while abroad.
  • Enhance international awareness.
  • Increase knowledge of other cultures, languages, and lands.
  • Build your global network. 

For more information visit UAH's Study Abroad program page


SAGA Application

Application Deadline

SAGA Deadline for Summer/Fall 2024 travel is March 15th!

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SAGA Basics

UAH Honors will pay a student’s airfare for approved study, intern, or research abroad programs of any length. This means that students must have a pending study abroad application at the time of SAGA application. 

  • Approved program means any UAH faculty-led, affiliate partner, or exchange program. Examples of commonly used programs are API and CISabroad. However, there are many options to choose from. We recommend using this database to quickly and easily find Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Airfare will be paid through a stipend, and will not exceed certain amounts determined by average airfare for particular regions.
  • Current schedule of airfare amounts:
    • Africa: $2,500
    • Asia: $2,200
    • Australia/Oceania: $2,200
    • Central/North America: $1,000
    • Continental Europe (including Scandinavia): $2,000
    • Middle East: $2,200
    • South America: $2,200
    • United Kingdom: $2,000
  • The moneys for this grant come directly from the Honors Student Fee.

For more information on SAGA, contact the Honors College.


  • Students should begin the process by selecting the program or exchange that interests them, and meeting with the Honors Academic Advisor and the Office of Study Abroad to go over requirements.
  • Students can apply to the study abroad program of their choice and SAGA concurrently, but they cannot be paid until they are awarded the SAGA.
  • SAGA will have two annual deadlines—one for spring travel and one for summer/fall travel. Upcoming deadlines are listed above.
  • Selection will be made by an ad hoc selection committee composed of members of the Honors Council and additional members with expertise in global studies, study abroad, and foreign cultures and languages
  • Six hours Honors Credit completed at the time the study abroad program begins. Expections to this requirement can be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • In good standing in Honors (Students may apply while on Honors Probation.)
  • Study Abroad Application completed or in progress (Contact Study Abroad Office with questions.)
  • In order to be awarded the SAGA, student must be approved for travel on approved program by the Study Abroad Office.
  • Students can earn Honors credits for study abroad.
  • Once study abroad credits appear on the transcript, they can be “honorized.”
  • All Honors credit awarded depends on a transcript review by the Honors Dean.
  • Please notify the Honors Advisor when your Study Abroad credit is on your UAH transcript.
  • Honors Students are required to share their study abroad experience with their peers to promote not only the grant, but also international experiences available to UAH students. The way they share their experience will be negotiated by the Honors Advisor and the student on a case-by-case basis; however, typically some form of digital sharing is required while participating in their program. This can take the form of a series of Instagram takeovers, blog posts, a photo-journal, series of videos, interview for the Honors newsletter, etc. It is essential that students share their experience with other students if they receive the SAGA. They can share their SAGA!

    The UAH Honors College SAGA Program will pay a stipend to reimburse airfare costs associated with travel to and from the approved education abroad destination. The stipend for airfare costs will not exceed the amounts determined by average airfare for particular regions. There will be a one-time determination of the maximum amount reimbursable based upon this average airfare. These amounts are listed above and updated annually.

    For reimbursement, the Honors College will need proof of acceptance into your study abroad program, your SAGA acceptance letter, and your airfare receipt that clearly shows it’s been paid. If you are working with a travel agency, you will need to request an itemized receipt that shows the amount of airfare and that it’s been paid.

    Students will be reimbursed at the beginning of the semester in which they travel.

    If a student wants to extend his or her time abroad and/or wants to arrive at or depart from a different location, students can request permission from the UAH Honors College to do so. If approved, the stipend will not exceed the original amounts determined by average airfare. The student is responsible for any additional costs incurred from extending/changing their travel itinerary.

    The University of Alabama in Huntsville and the Honors College are not responsible for arranging any of the travel details and/or activities of the students before, during, or after the designated dates of the education abroad program.

    Finally, any travel before or after the scheduled dates of the education abroad program or any alteration of the itinerary is at the discretion of the traveler. Students will also have to assess and manage the risks involved in extending their stay and will have to arrange on their own travel health insurance for the extended time abroad.

    The student is completely responsible for all arrangements for the trip. The UAH Office of Study Abroad will inform the student of cost of UAH application fee and the cost for the required travel health insurance and risk management for the designated time of the education abroad program. The student will be responsible for these expenses. If student wants insurance to cover extra time abroad, the student must make his or her own arrangements.



    Education Abroad Program through a UAH or affiliate program in Paris, France, with dates from May 10 to May 25. This trip is the main destination.

    At the close of this program, the student then wants to travel to Berlin, Germany, on May 26 and return to the U.S. from this second location on June 1. The student must pay all costs for the Berlin portion of the trip. However, the Honors SAGA funding can be applied to the return trip for an amount that does not exceed the cost of returning from the main destination (Paris). Suppose it costs $500 for 2 one-way flights to and from Paris, France. If the student chooses to return from Berlin, Germany, and the cost of this return trip is $700, the Honors College will reimburse only up to the $500 that a flight from the main destination would have cost. In other words, the total amount the student is eligible for, in this case, would be $1000.