Honors College mentors rafting rapids on a river
Honors College mentors posing in front of an inflatable bounce house
Honors College mentors talking on the front steps of Morton Hall
Frank Franz Hall home of UAH Honors College
Honors College mentors talking to each other

The mission of the Honors Mentor Program is to assist the needs of incoming Honors students, both academically and socially, by providing guidance, confidence, and a welcoming community during their transition into the Honors College community and the UAH campus.

Honors mentors will help their freshmen mentee "families" acclimate to college life and become familiar with the Honors College. Mentors play an important part in introducing new Honors students to Honors life on campus and getting them involved.

Honors mentors will...

  • Show mentees around campus
  • Introduce them to other Honors students
  • Answer questions about the Honors College
  • Connect mentees with campus resources as needed
  • Participate in special activities
  • Share their experiences since coming to UAH

Honors mentors have the opportunity to...

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Learn lessons in citizenship
  • Improve communication skills
  • Broaden community and network
  • Give back to the Honors community
  • Attend a mentor retreat 

Honors mentors can expect to...

  • Volunteer at each Week of Welcome event
  • Spend approximately 1 hour per week in this role
  • Be a supportive, encouraging, friendly face for their mentees

Recruitment for mentors begins in mid-spring for the next academic year. Mentees are able to sign up for the program throughout the summer up until immediately after Week of Welcome in August.