Honors Mentors

Honors Mentoring

The mission of the Honors Mentor Program is to assist the needs of incoming Honors students, both academically and socially, by providing guidance, confidence and a welcoming community feel during their transition into the Honors College community and the UAH campus.

Honors mentors will help their freshmen mentee "families" acclimate to college life and become familiar with the Honors College. Mentors will play an important part in introducing new Honors students to Honors life on campus and getting them involved. Honors mentors will show mentees around campus, introduce them to other Honors students, answer questions about the Honors College, participate in special activities and share their experiences since coming to UAH.

Meet our 2017-2018 Honors Mentors!

Honors Ambassadors ("Blue Shirts")

Known as the "Blue Shirts" around campus, the Honors Ambassadors represent/promote the Honors College to prospective students, parents and the UAH campus. Honors Ambassadors play an important role in recruiting future Honors College students, increasing awareness of the Honors College on campus, as well as building an Honors community presence. Ambassadors work closely with the Honors staff and other departments/colleges on campus to help spread the word about the benefits of being an Honors student and how Honors enriches the UAH campus. Each ambassador brings a different experience and perspective to the group and was chosen on the basis of GPA, involvement in the College and an interview with the Honors College.

Meet our 2016-2017 Honors Ambassadors!

Honors Service Corps

The Honors Service Corps is the service arm of the Honors College.  The group exists to create a noticeable and positive effect on the surrounding community.  To accomplish this goal, students focus on 5 core outreach areas:


1.  Children

2.  Health

3.  Environment

4.  Fundraising

5.  General Community Service


The corps has groups of students devoted to each focus area and many students are actively involved in multiple projects.  Members must be in good standing with the Honors College (GPA>3.25), attend a minimum of 2 events per semester, and log 10 hours of community service per semester.  However, students who are not involved in Honors are still encouraged to participate in volunteer activities with the Honors Service Corps. For more information, contact the Honors Service Corps at honorsservicecorps@uah.edu.

Honors Community Leaders

Every community needs great leaders and we've certainly found them in our community leaders. Community Leaders (CLs) are Honors students (just like you!) who work to provide fun and educational opportunities for all members of the Honors College. Their responsibilities include planning events for Honors students, running the Honors Mentor program, and communicating with Honors students to build a stronger Honors community.


For more information on Honors Student Groups, contact the Honors College Community Leaders at honorscommunityleaders@uah.edu or the Honors College Administrator Bethany Wilson at  bethany.wilson@uah.edu.