The Honors College provides a home and a family where students can be themselves and challenge themselves to grow. 


During a student's Honors career, becoming involved in the Honors College and the larger campus community is strongly encouraged. In fact, many Honors students say that the Honors community is the highlight of their time at UAH. Check out the many ways for you to become involved in the Honors College! 

Do you have other ideas? Let us know at honors@uah.edu.


Every community needs great leaders, and we've certainly found them in our community leaders. Community Leaders (CLs) are Honors students (just like you!) who work to provide exciting and educational opportunities for all members of the Honors College. Their responsibilities include planning events for Honors students, responding to the needs of the Honors community, and communicating with Honors students to build a stronger Honors community.


The mission of the Honors Mentor Program is to support the needs of incoming Honors students, both academically and socially, by providing guidance, confidence, and a welcoming community feel during their transition into the Honors College community and the UAH campus.

Honors mentors will help their freshmen mentee "families" acclimate to college life and become familiar with the Honors College.


Known as "Blue Shirts" around campus for their distinctive uniform, Honors Ambassadors play an important role in:

  • Recruiting future Honors College students
  • Increasing awareness of the Honors College on campus
  • Building an Honors community presence

Ambassadors work closely with the Honors staff and other departments/colleges on campus to help spread the word about the benefits of being an Honors student and how Honors enriches the UAH campus.



For general about Honors Student Groups, contact the Honors College Community Leaders at honorscommunityleaders@uah.edu or the Honors College Advisor Nicole Hughes at  nicole.hughes@uah.edu.