Honors Travel Award funds undergraduates for travel ($250) to present at a professional conference. Awards may be used to pay for conference registration, food, transportation, parking, or lodging. The travel award cannot be used to purchase luggage or clothing, pay passport or immunizations fees, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be submitted (including letter of support) at least two (2) calendar weeks BEFORE the proposed travel. If 2 weeks before the travel date is on a weekend, national holiday or during a UAH holiday period, the deadline is the next prior working day. **PLEASE NOTE: The student must submit a Travel Voucher WITHIN two weeks of the end of the conference with original receipts to be reimbursed. After two weeks, no reimbursement will be given.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Current, full-time, degree-seeking Honors student in good standing in the Honors College
  • Any major and academic year are eligible
  • No outstanding disciplinary issues
  • Student must be working under the guidance of a mentor (UAH faculty, research staff, or professional community member) on any scholarly, research, or creative project
  • Students may receive no more than one Travel Award during each academic year
  • Student must be attending a juried academic presentation, performance, or exhibit as part of work tied specifically to the UAH Honors College (for example, presenting part of an Honors Capstone Project or Thesis at a regional or national conference).
  • Have already made application both to their home college (the department in which the work was done), and to the SGA, and must have used any available funds they have from grants and other funding sources.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted.

Applications must be submitted (including letter of support) at least two (2) calendar weeks BEFORE the proposed travel.

Please note the travel awards cannot provide the money up front.

Application Materials

  • A one page, single-spaced description of the proposed travel in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. The description must:
    1. state the purpose of the trip
    2. include an itinerary of activities during the trip
    3. be written by the student; however, the faculty mentor should advise the student and review the description, itinerary and budget to ensure that all appropriate information is included. Mentor must sign off on the proposal.
  • An itemized budget and detailed budget justification with all figures rounded to the nearest $1. Students are required to put forward a plan that uses the funds as cost-effectively as possible (stay at hostels, cheapest airfare, etc.).
  • One letter of support from the faculty/research staff mentor submitted either in hard copy in a signed and sealed envelope or via email to Dean William Wilkerson. The letter should confirm the legitimacy and practicality of the proposed travel.

Purchase/Reimbursement Procedure

The Travel Awards will be paid by reimbursement. All original, itemized receipts must be submitted to Mr. Dave Cook in the Honors College who will assist in filing the reimbursement form. When the form has been completed with original receipts attached and submitted to the Dean's Office, the Honors College will initiate reimbursement.

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