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As a student in the UAH Honors College, you will be expected to complete a scholarly or creative thesis, typically during the senior year. Your Honors Thesis is the capstone experience of the Honors College, thereby bringing together your Honors preparation and your education in a particular discipline or combination of disciplines. Many theses are suitable for publication in journals or conference proceedings. All Honors theses are housed and published electronically through the UAH Salmon Library. Click here to access the Library's electronic copies.

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To find out more about the Honors thesis and how you can get involved in undergraduate research, make an appointment with David Cook, Undergraduate Research Coordinator.

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Honors Senior Design Supplement: HON 401

Using MAE/ME Senior Design for Your Honors Capstone


Don’t worry about approaching your senior design instructors – they’ll approach you!

If you plan to use the MAE Engineering Senior Design for your capstone, Honors now offers a new course – HON 401 – to make this process easier and more rewarding. Each 1-hour section of HON 401 pairs with a section of Senior Design.  When you take MAE 491 (the second term of your design course), you take it's corresponding HON 401 supplement. Just remember this simle rule: 491 goes with 401! In the HON 401 supplement, the instructor and other Honors Students will work to develop Honors Capstone projects. You take the supplement for only one semester, and you earn 4 hours of Honors Credit. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Select your senior design course.
  • In the first semester (during MAE 490), you meet with the instructor and develop a project proposal, create timelines for completion, and decide upon deliverables. Your instructor should contact you to start this process, although you should feel free to approach your instructor as well.
  • You must submit a final, approved project proposal by the deadline in order to proceed with completing your Honors Project (typically, by the 8th week of MAE 490). 
  • In the second semester of Design (during MAE 491), you sign up for the matching HON 401 in your design sequence. Course subtitles and section numbers for HON 401 match the sections of MAE 491. (For example, MAE 491 03: Rocket Design will go with HON 401 03: Eng. Capstone Rocket Design, etc.) While taking HON 401 and MAE 491, you will complete your project and meet regularly with your instructor.
  • Please note that Dr. Carmen teaches 490 in Spring, Summer and Fall, and 491 in Spring and Fall. Dr. Benfield teaches 491 in the Fall. All other instructors teach 491 in the Spring. If you're not sure what to sign up for, please contact Beth Wilson at
  • Students will still be expected to complete the Honors Capstone paperwork (all electronic now!).
  • Upon completion of the senior design course, the supplement, and successful submission of the project, you will earn 4 hours of Honors Credit (3 hours for MAE 490, plus one hour for HON 401).


Course Sign up for HON 401
Carmen MAE 491-01 Product Realization (every semester) HON 401-H1 (the semester in which you take MAE 491)
Turner MAE 491-02 Mission Design (Spring) HON 401-H2 (Spring)
Lineberry MAE 491-03 Rocket Design (Spring) HON 401-H3 (Spring)
Landrum MAE 491-04 Aircraft Design (Spring) HON 401-H4 (Spring)
Fikes MAE 491-05 Moonbuggy (Spring) HON 401-H5 (Spring)
Benfield MAE 491-02 Mission Design (Fall) HON 401- H2 (Fall)


If you are already completing your Capstone through independent work with a faculty member, you do not need to take the HON 401 supplement, but you will still need to take Senior Design as part of your engineering degree program.

No more wondering how to get your Honors capstone done!