80% of college students change their major at least once but changing majors multiple times can delay graduation. Although UAH allows students to declare a major at any point in their college career, it’s important that you make a good decision as early as possible.

This timeline is a good guide for your first three semesters as an exploratory student at UAH.

When is the best time to choose a major?

  • Enroll in FYE 101G
  • Review the UAH CATALOG to see the list of undergraduate degree programs and select your top 3 favorites.
  • Complete FOCUS2 and compare the results with your 3 favorite degree programs.
  • Explore FOCUS2 resources such as “What can I do with a major in...” to see what types of career opportunities are associated with your favorite majors.
  • Meet with your exploratory advisor to discuss majors and plan for the next semester.
  • Meet with Career Services to explore careers associated with majors of interest.
  • Continue Charger Foundations courses.
  • Attend Career Fair (fall and spring semesters) to connect with employers and start networking.
  • Join student organizations related to your interests.
  • Meet with your exploratory advisor. If you have identified a college of interest, Exploratory Advising will help with the transition to your new college.
  • Complete Charger Foundations classes.
  • If you’re ready, declare your major and schedule an appointment with your new college’s advisor.
  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services to discuss internship and co-op opportunities in your major.
  • If you are still unsure about your major, talk with your exploratory advisor about the option of a double major or minors/concentrations.