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Applying science and technology for a sustainable and equitable future.

The Lab for Applied Science (LAS) is dedicated to scientific discovery and societal impact through the application of Earth observations. We provide multi-disciplinary subject matter expertise, technical team management, and logistical coordination services to program offices at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and across the federal, state, and the commercial sectors. Our team employs advanced techniques in data science and novel approaches to capacity building to further the state of the art using satellite datasets.  And our support staff work around the clock to provide seamless and responsive project management.

Core Science, Applications, and Technical Expertise:

  • Earth, Atmosphere, and Environmental Sciences
  • Applied Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Data Science: AI and Open Source Science
  • Satellite Remote Sensing: Research and Applications
  • Geospatial: Geo-informatics and GIS Analysis
  • Workforce Development and Capacity Building

At the Lab for Applied Science, we combine satellite technology, artificial intelligence, and human capital to design innovative solutions, drive global connectivity, and build the workforce of the future.

Project Spotlight


SERVIR connects space to village...

by helping developing countries use satellite data to address critical challenges in food security, water resources, weather and climate, land use, and disasters.