tiffanywebbHer research this summer will look at ways to improve UAH's sustainability and its "green" index by studying programs at other university's and through practical measures specific to the UAHuntsville campus.

She will focus on literature review and interviews with people who are implementing programs at other campuses. She will also conduct projects using global information systems and remote sensing to address specific environmental and ecological issues at UAH, including energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, transportation, dining and education.

Her final project will propose plans of action in those areas. The detailed proposal will include cost-benefit analyses.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of effective research and sustainable implementation," she said, "as well as work toward making positive changes in the Huntsville community.

"A graduate of the 2011 ESS summer study abroad program in Panama, Webb is focusing her Earth system science studies on the human dimensions track.