Teacher Registration/Affiliation for NARSEF 2024 Now Open on STEM Wizard! Use STEM Wizard to register teachers and set up your account. Use the Teacher Registration Guide to access a step-by-step guide on how to register and set up your account.

To collaborate with all fairs across Alabama and maintain continuity with the Alabama Science & Engineering Fair (ASEF), we will be using a software platform called STEM Wizard. This interactive fair platform will allow you to organize your entire school fair and paperwork process online. To participate at both the regional and state levels, all students and teachers will be required to use STEM Wizard to register and submit all forms and information about each science project.

NARSEF Divisions

There are three divisions for NARSEF 2024:

  • Senior Division - Grades 9 - 12
  • Junior Division - Grades 6 - 8
  • Fifth Grade Division - Grade 5 (These participants will be with the 6th - 8th grade participants, but will only be judged against one another.)

To begin the registration process, all teachers will need to register/affiliate with the regional fair, NARSEF 2024.

Participation Steps

  1. Oversee the science fair projects for students.
    • Verify that all forms are properly completed and uploaded.
  2. Register your teachers with NARSEF using STEM Wizard.
    • Only schools that register may send students to compete.
      • October 16 – Teacher Registration Opens
      • January 28 – Deadline and Registration Closes
  3. Hold a school fair.
  4. Select winners to attend NARSEF.

Teacher Registration

If your school is not in the drop-down menu on STEM Wizard, please email narsef@uah.edu and request that your school be added.

The deadline teachers must register by Friday, January 28, 2024 to participate in NARSEF 2024.

Teacher Register Now!

View Teachers Registration Guide