JUMP Student PIC

Myles Scarano started in the Mechanical and Aerospace department for the first two years of his academic career, and on a bit of a whim he decided to transfer to the ISEEM department. Sense then, Myles has become ISEEM’s first JUMP student and is a great representative of the department and program as a whole. Myles is currently on the UAH track team and is a huge promoter of student life. When Myles was asked what made switching to the ISEEM department so rewarding, he responded,”Beyond the subject matter, is the faculty and staff.  The department may not be huge, but the quality of individuals and how much they invest into the department, from the professors to the secretaries to the technical workers, is the hallmark of ISEEM at UAH and a huge factor in what draws me to pursue a graduate degree here.  Not only are all of those in the teaching positions extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, but overall they do an excellent job of communicating it to their students. All of the staff is approachable, from Dr. Collopy at the top all the way down the hall to Dr. Swain, Dr. Messimer, Dr. Farrington, Dr. Utley, Dr. Gholston, and anyone else involved that I have come in contact with.  And I cannot say enough about how incredible Dottie Luke and Kathy Gentry are with what they do in the office.  They keep our cozy corner up and running.”

The Joint Undergraduate Master’s Program (JUMP) allows undergraduate students to study at the graduate level.  Some of the benefits include no entrance exam, dual credit for undergrad and graduate degree, undergrad tuition costs while taking jump courses, and there is no application fee. This fairly new UAH program has proven to be a huge success and will continue to grow as the semesters pass. If you are an undergraduate student interested in joining the JUMP program please visit https://www.uah.edu/admissions/graduate/joint-undergraduate-masters-program and if you are an ISEEM student please contact Dr. Paul Collopy at paul.collopy@uah.edu to see if you qualify.