gholston 1440ISEEM professor, Dr. Sampson Gholston, is once again serving as Academic Conference Chair of the 2nd Annual LEAN Six Sigma Conference at Adtran Conference Center, Nov. 3-5. ISEEM professor Dr. Sherri Messimer, along with other UAH faculty and researchers are part of the Lean Six Sigma Conference Committee. The conference features research, case studies, presentations, educational workshops, and on-site tours in the area of continuous process management utilizing Six Sigma methodology. The conference aims to create a learning community that fosters research and interprofessional collaboration to advance knowledge and improve performance results to sustain a data-driven management approach within individual companies, industries and supply chains.

In addition to his chair duties, Dr. Gholston, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, is the instructor for the Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses. Additionally, he and author Dr. Michael Ayokanmbi, Alabama A&M University, will present case studies entitled, Lean Six Sigma Methodology for Improving Productivity in Higher Education amd Six Sigma Maturity Tracking. Anna Ayers, a Senior in ISEEM, has been involved with various healthcare efforts to standardize work stations at Huntsville Hospital’s Sterilization Processing Facility, to reduce time to locate medical equipment, to improve the “door-to-doc” time for patients in the Pediatric Emergency Room, and to analyze nurse staffing schedules in the Emergency Department. She will be presenting research with Huntsville Hospital's Arin Zapf, RN, MSN on Cardiac Vital Sign Machine Process Redesign, and with Huntsville Hospital's Rachel Stewart (ISEEM alumnus) on Medical Records Quality Review Continuous Improvement.