img 1110ed 683x1024Sharon is an ISEEM Freshman and Honors College student here at UAH. She’s one of four people in her family currently attending. Originally from Nigeria, Sharon and her family immigrated to the U.S. in 2009 to pursue better educational opportunities. Her brother, Favour, is a sophomore in Supply Chain Management; he and Sharon have entertained the idea of combining their talents and future credentials to launch a small business. Her mother, formerly a teacher in Nigeria, is enrolled in the Nursing program—a pursuit inspired by her employment with Huntsville Hospital. Sharon’s father is working toward an Accounting degree to strengthen his career experience in banking.


While college may be a family matter, Sharon’s other interests are uniquely her own. She’s a talented photographer. Some of her photos can be found on the Charger Times website, but many of her artistic shots are online at


As a freshman, Sharon’s academic experience specific to ISE is still in development, but the projects she’s completed in her Engineering 101 class have ignited a keen interest in the human factors element relative to Pseudocoding and flow charts.