LEAP has been initiated to clarify the prerequisites required by students who have not graduated from an ABET accredited institution or students who have a non-engineering baccalaureate degree. The major advisor will confer with the student on an individual basis to determine the appropriate course of action and formulate a proposed list of courses to be completed prior to unconditional admission.

It has only been accepted by the Board of PLS in the State of Alabama and reciprocity to other states is not automatic.

For more information please contact the CEE Graduate Program Coordinator Mike Anderson at andersmd@uah.edu.

Curriculum Requirements

A. Math & Science Prerequisites

Course Hours
Total hours 30 hours
Calculus and Analytical Geometry sequence (MA 171, MA 172, MA 201) 12 hours
Differential Equations (MA238) 3 hours
Linear Equations (MA 244) 3 hours
General Physics with lab (PH 111, 112) 8 hours
Chemistry with lab (CH 121, 125) 4 hours

B. Common Engineering Courses

Course Hours
Total hours 16 hours
Computer programming (CPE 112) 3 hours
Statics (CE 271) 3 hours
Dynamics (CE 272) 3 hours
Mechanics of Materials (CE 370) 4 hours
Fluid Mechanics (MAE 310) 3 hours

C. CE Major

C1. Environmental Engineering Major

Course Hours
Total hours for major 6 hours
Soil Mechanics (CE 372/373) 3 hours
Thermodynamics (MAE 341) 3 hours

C2. Structural Mechanics

Course Hours
Total hours for major 6 hours
Reinforced Concrete Design (CE 483) 3 hours
Structural Analysis I (CE 381) 3 hours

Total Program Hours: 53 hours