See How It All Happens

Have you ever wondered how teachers prepare for the opening days of school?

Early Start is a two week program designed especially for UAH educator preparation majors completing their student teaching internships in the spring semester.  This program engages students in real-world experiences with local public school teachers and administrators.  Educator Preparation candidates are allowed to participate as educators in making preparations for a new school year.

I learned more in one week than I have in all other field experiences combined!  - former Early Start participant

You are invited to participate in two of the most important weeks of school - the first weeks for teachers and students.  Local public schools have invited you to participate for this insider's peek into the beginnings of a new school year.  During these days, you will meet your teacher and attend school-wide opening activities including school system institute day, local school in-service days, teacher work days, parent orientation meetings, and the first week of school.

Students will learn:

  • What information school systems share at system-wide orientation meetings.
  • How faculty meetings share vital beginning of the year information.
  • How teachers design instruction with their teammates.
  • How teachers prepare classrooms for the arrival of students.
  • How teachers plan and present student and parent orientation meetings.

How does Early Start work?

  • Educator Preparation students who expect to complete internship in the spring semester may register for the Early Start program during the prior spring semester (registration information and dates will be posted in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction).
  • An orientation is held for all Early Start participants in late July.
  • Early Start placements begin approximately one week before the first day of school in the local school districts, and continue through the first week of school.
  • Educator Preparation students can potentially continue with the host teacher or school for the fall field experience placement, and may have the option of returning to the same placement for the first half of the spring internship. 
For more information about the Early Start Program, Contact the Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences:

Mrs. Denise Pettey

Coordinator of Field and Clinical Experiences

Wilson Hall 139