A soccer coach stands and speaks to a group of girls. The girls are setting around their coach, listening to her, setting on a soccer field.

Open to individuals from any department on campus, this program is designed for those interested in sport coaching. The purpose of the program is to provide students with a general framework of knowledge and the skills to be effective coaches in school, recreational, and adult league settings. The program blends coursework in the fields of Sport Pedagogy, Exercise Science, and Sport Management to give students a well-rounded, cross-disciplined approach to athletic coaching. It consists of 6 classes for 18 hours of coursework.


  • KIN 361 Teaching Team Sports OR KIN 362 Teaching Individual Sports
  • KIN 381 Facilities and Equipment Management
  • KIN 382 Sport Leadership
  • KIN 445 Principles of Coaching
  • KIN 463 Psychological Aspects of Sport
  • KIN 472 Ethical Issues in Sport