2023 REU Posters are available at the links below.

Ayla Evans: Scrutiny of the Feet of Twenty Jetlets in EUV Coronal Plumes for Minority-polarity Magnetic Flux

Brayden Sellers: A Data-Constrained Analysis of Joule Heating as a Solar Active Region Atmosphere Heating Mechanism over a ‘Second’ Sunspot Light Bridge

Corie Guggemos: Analysis of Turbulence Characteristics During Switchback Deflections

Hayden Dauphin: Active Region Simulation with EBTEL

Isaiah Sears: Time-Dependent Evolution of Compressible Turbulence in the Heliosheath and the Very Local Interstellar Medium

Jacqueline Aguilar-Delgado: An Exploration of Episodic Heating in a Solar Quiet Region Bright Coronal Loop

Li Loy: Inconspicuous Minifilament Eruptions as the Source of Conspicuous Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Outflows in the Solar Atmosphere

Lucas Hadding: How Fast are Gamma-ray Bursts?

Lucien Mallett: DEM Inversion Failures During Solar Flares

Pari Patel: Reconstruction of Magnetic Structures from Spacecraft Data: A Test Study for Voyagers in the Heliosheath