Ms. Laura Provenzani

EPSCoR Education,
and Diversity Coordinator,


320 Sparkman Drive
Cramer Research Hall
Room 2008
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Originally from Italy, Laura Provenzani is a UAH graduate, holding a Master's degree in Professional Communication, two Bachelor's degrees in Art Studio and Education, and a minor in Web Communication. Her experience and ambition for graphic design and digital marketing led her to join CSPAR in July of 2021, as the Outreach Communication Specialist, where she gained experience in assisting with proposal submissions, such as creating budgets and other required documents. In June of 2022, Laura started her role as the NSF EPSCoR Outreach Coordinator. In this role, Laura is responsible for creating and promoting CPU2AL and FTPP internal and external products, organizing perspective outreach events, managing external communication channels, and recruiting and coordinating the program's internships.