Rexanne Warfel - Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

Rexanne Warfel VOY 2019-20

Rexanne Warfel | Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

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In 2019, the OLLI at UAH Volunteer Support Committee implemented a Volunteer of the Year (VoY) Award Program to recognize members who have served OLLI in many capacities and have helped OLLI become the successful organization it is today. This award is based on nominations and votes from the members-at-large. After receiving more than forty outstanding nominations, OLLI at UAH’s membership selected Rexanne Warfel as the 2019-2020 Volunteer of the Year recipient.

Rexanne is a retired nurse and has been an OLLI at UAH member for almost five years. For the last couple of years, she has been part of the Member Services Committee and has been in charge of providing snacks and light lunches in conjunction with the bonus lectures, often matching them with the topics of the bonus presented, giving attendees a great opportunity to socialize.

Even during the campus closure due to COVID-19, Rexanne provided links to recipes members could pair with and cook when participating in the online bonuses. She is always ready to help members and the CPS staff when needed with a great positive attitude and smile.

She is a great example of how volunteering can help enhance the OLLI experience for everyone.  Rexanne enjoys cooking and cake decorating.  She has used her expertise to co-teach an excellent cooking course: Grilling, Chilling and Tailgating together with David Styers.   

Recently, she was elected to serve in the OLLI at UAH Board of Directors. She has also been a facilitator for various courses and helping instructors when needed.  

We thank Rexanne for all her hard work and commitment to OLLI at UAH these past few years.  Congratulations on this well-deserved award! 


olli member profile rexanne holding snacks 668x310

Rexanne in OLLI Lounge

Photo provided by OLLI at UAH
olli member profile rexanne cutting cake for bonus snack 668x310

Rexanne cutting cake for bonus snack

Photo provided by OLLI at UAH
olli member profile rexanne warfel and david styers during open house 668x310

David Styers and Rexanne Warfel at Open House

Photo provided by OLLI at UAH
olli member profile rexanne supervising bonus snacks 668x310

Rexanne supervising bonus snacks

Photo provided by OLLI at UAH


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