e miller teaching

OLLI at UAH instructor, Elliott Miller, teaching during his Seven Painting Principles course.

Courtesy of OLLI at UAH

Elliott Miller, featured on the cover of the OLLI at UAH Winter 2022 course guide, is a renowned artist and OLLI at UAH art instructor. Since the age of 4, Elliott Miller has not been without a paintbrush in one hand and some form of canvas in the other. His love of art has been a part of him throughout his years.

Since 2019, Miller has taught multiple art technique courses for OLLI at UAH — covering such topics as landscapes, portraits, and painting principles. He urges his students to paint their interpretation of what they see as he believes that art, in any form, is an expression of your inner self. According to Miller, if you study the most famous paintings done over the centuries you will find it was the artist’s interpretation that made the painting unique.

Having taught at various Educational Institutions throughout his life, Miller was attracted to OLLI because he wanted to connect with minds that continue to have an educated outlook. He wanted to teach because of his belief that art is a method for breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

The son of a Minister and one himself, Miller considers his artistic ability to be a gift from God and by utilizing his talent, he is honoring God for that gift.

e miller artwork copy

Elliott Miller showing artwork to his Seven Painting Principles class.

Courtesy of Ale Pacheco

His career has taken him down many paths and given him opportunities to showcase his talent, and that of his students, to some very well-known people including former Presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. In 2004, he was invited to do a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he was given an hour to do a portrait of Ellen’s mother. According to Miller, “I was more scared of doing the portrait on National television than I was of meeting two former Presidents”.

For the future, Miller has no plans to slow down. He is working on publishing a book based on his life experiences as they pertain to his art and career. He continues to work on an art project that will take him to Europe and he wants to continue teaching art classes at OLLI because art, like learning, has no age barriers.

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