duringlAttending the Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair on September 29 connects you with recruiters that want to hire UAH students/alumni like yourself. Employers will host both virtual and group sessions to connect with students/alumni that they may interview in the future.

Just like with a traditional Career Fair, there are steps you’ll want to take before, during, and after the fair to ensure you’re prepared and able to make your best impression. 

Keep in mind, advance sign up is crucial to success in the Virtual Fair.  Registering for the fair and signing up for sessions in advance will ensure that you have time scheduled with employers during the event. Students/alumni will book pre scheduled 10- minute time slots for 1-1 sessions or pre scheduled 30-minute group sessions to attend. There will not be virtual drop-in times, similar to the in-person lines, to chat with employers during the fair, so be sure you’ve booked your time with employers before the event. 

Last week we shared tips to help you succeed before interacting with employers in the career fair. Today we’ve got tips to help you shine the day of the fair.

  1. Dress Professionally.  Even though this is a virtual event, it’s important that you’re wearing the same attire you’d wear to an in person event.  Taking the time to change out of your lounge wear and into business attire makes a good first impression on the recruiter you’re meeting with.  Wearing professional attire can also help put you in the mind frame of a Career Fair and boost your confidence.
  2. Limit Distractions.  Last week we talked about practicing with your equipment and ensuring that you have a space that is professional and distraction free. Set time aside before your 1-1 or group session starts to remind family members/friends/roommates that you’ll be speaking with an employer soon.  While pets are cute, they can also be distracting, so put them in another room/outside while you’re meeting with employers if you can. Mute your cell-phone, close any windows on your computer that may make noise, and you’ll be focused and ready for the appointment.
  3. Be on-time.  Make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to log into Charger Path (Handshake) before your appointment so you are available when your 1-1 or group session starts. Being on time shows employers that you are dependable, organized and respectful of their time.
  4. Interact.  Eye contact (looking at your computer’s camera) and actively listening (nodding and smiling where appropriate) are great ways to show the employer that you are engaged in their conversation and listening to what they have to say. We also recommend having questions ready for both 1-1 and group sessions.  Keep a list handy next to your computer that you can refer to during your 1-1 or at the end of a group session if the host opens the floor for discussion.  Have multiple questions ready in case some are answered in the session, but also be courteous and allow other students (in a group session) the chance to ask questions as well. You should also have paper and pen available to write down answers or to-do items that the employer recommends. Typing may be loud and distracting, so paper and pen is the way to go!

We’ll be back next week with more tips! If you’d like to talk about the fair with one of our Staff members or practice your virtual interview skills, you can book an appointment or attend one of our Virtual Workshops.  Appointments and the Workshop Schedule can be found in Charger Path.