Photo courtesy of The Student Success Center


UAH promotes academic excellence, and there are a multitude of ways to achieve it. Read more to find out the best spots for success on campus, and how to utilize them to achieve your academic and career goals.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville strives for successful students. One way this is done is through the vast amount of resources available on campus to help students succeed. UAH provides many resources for success, often at no additional cost.  In addition to Career Services, some of these success tools include the Student Success Center, quiet study spots, and the Counseling Center. 

One of UAH’s prime success spots on campus is the Student Success Center (SSC), located on the first floor of Salmon Library behind Charger Brew. The SSC’s programs include peer assisted study sessions (PASS), academic coaching, content tutoring, online tutoring, writing tutoring, and other resources for students. PASS, one of the SSC’s most popular programs, offers regularly scheduled review sessions led by PASS leaders. The leaders are students who have previously done exceptionally well in the course and have been specially trained to ensure students receive the most out of each session. Students can visit the Student Success Center’s online page to view the PASS schedule for currently offered courses, dates, times, and locations for the sessions. Another success tool offered by the SSC is academic coaching. The purpose of this program is to help students improve their performance both in and out of class by offering sessions on studying, learning, and self-management strategies. Students can make academic coaching appointments in person or online. The three types of tutoring at the Student Success Center are content, online, and writing. Content tutoring provides assistance through one-on-one and small group sessions in a variety of subjects. Online tutoring is powered by video conference technology. During online sessions, students can share screens, upload documents, annotate, and save documents for studying later. Lastly, writing tutoring is geared toward helping students become more confident and successful writers. 

UAH also has a multitude of peaceful, quiet study spots, as well as adequate space for study groups of any size. Salmon Library allows students to check out study rooms for study groups consisting of anywhere from two people to ten people. The library also has silent floors for students who need quiet to focus when studying. The Charger Union also has study rooms for students to utilize, particularly for study groups. These rooms are equipped with whiteboards, and dry erase markers are available at both the Charger Union and Salmon Library desks. The residence halls are also equipped with study rooms, usually two on each floor. There are plenty of success spots to gather together and study at UAH, and it is encouraged to do so!

Another success spot on campus is the Counseling Center. It is located at the Executive Plaza, Building 200, Suite 208. A healthy mind is key to success in and out of the classroom. UAH students with 3 credits or more are eligible for services. The counseling center offers several services, including individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, and more. Group counseling is free, and individual counseling is $15/session with 8 sessions per semester. Counseling is available for, but not limited to: adjustment to college life, stress management, interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and peers, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ understanding, cultural issues and diversity, and body image issues. The counseling center is a great on campus resource for students, and it is encouraged to make an appointment if help is needed. 

A campus with as many success spots as UAH leads to some of the most successful students in Huntsville. We encourage students to take advantage of the resources offered and success spots on campus to ensure a successful college experience and career after graduation!  The success spots on campus help students keep their grades up, setting them apart from competition for internships, co-ops and full-time jobs. Obtaining a career is the end goal for most college students, and when students utilize places like the Student Success Center for academic help, Career Services for career help, and work hard for their goals, getting the career at the end of college is a breeze!