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The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Business is excited to announce the inaugural class of The Top 20.

The Top 20 program recognizes extraordinary undergraduate and graduate students from the UAH College of Business. These outstanding business students were selected by a panel of alumni and college community partners. Each student distinguishes themselves in areas such as academic excellence, professional career development, exemplary leadership, community service, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurship, or making a substantial positive impact on others on, or off, campus.

The Top 20 of 2024 includes Abigail “Ore” Isola, Alexander Hamilton, Alexi Florian, Amiah Murry, Asa Mazow, Bradley Robison, Daniel Navarro, Danielle Borden, Emi Swinford, Haley Massanelli, Haley Nichols, Holli Grissom, Isabella Shackelford, Jennifer Kramer, Joseph Quan, Phillip Ray, Tyler Storm, Victoria Kennedy, Zach Niles, and Yanjie Horton.

The class of 2024 includes business students who are veterans, business owners, have overcome tremendous challenges in their lives, are leaders on and off campus, are student athletes, and much more.

For more information on The Top 20 program, and to read each student’s story, visit The Top 20 program page.