Name: Xuejing Xing
Number of years teaching: 16 years
Number of years teaching at UAH: 10 years
Classes taught/teaching: FIN 301, FIN 454, FIN 554, and FIN 601

1. How did you become interested in your field? Was there a specific moment when you knew it was the right field for you?

I went through a long journey of searching for my true interest. I started with engineering and gradually got into economics and finance as my professional career evolved. I finally fell in love with finance because it integrates economic theories and quantitative methods, both of which are equally fascinating to me.

2. Why did you go into teaching and what do you hope students take away from your class?

I got into teaching because I did not find a better way to spend a life than helping students succeed in the classroom and in the future. As to what I want my students to take away from my class, I think the most important thing is the skills of learning and decision-making, including critical thinking, problem solving, scientific inquiry, and self-motivation.

3. What do you enjoy most about your students?

I always love students’ desire to learn and their willingness to be all they can be. I also enjoy learning about their perspectives on various topics we cover in class.

4. What research are you working on?

My primary research interests involve corporate finance and capital markets. In these areas, I am working on several projects. In one project, my coauthor and I examine whether and how the strength of labor affects the manager’s information disclosure choices. In another, we attempt to establish a causal relation between information disclosure and firm risk.

5. What would you like your research to achieve?

In research, my primary goal is to help advance our understanding of financial issues that are relevant not only to the finance literature but also to today’s business world. In addition, I expect my research to benefit my teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. To me, doing research is always a learning experience. I hope to bring to the classroom this experience along with the knowledge I acquire and create in the process of doing research.

6. What do you like to do aside from teaching and research?

In addition to teaching and research, I like to do a bunch of other things (although I always have trouble finding time for these things). For example, I enjoy reading, photographing, and hiking. I also love playing ping pong, tennis, and basketball.