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Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (MS-SCLM)

This online program is designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers by expanding their knowledge, skills, and understanding of logistics and supply chain management. Students will learn how to model and interpret supply chains, identify problems and increase efficiencies, employ supply chain data for improved decision-making, manage all aspects of an integrated supply chain, and develop an organization’s supply chain strategy.

Our faculty are experts in the field of supply chain management, including complex supply chains. UAH’s College of Business is a respected leader in supply chain management education, educating not only employees of Fortune 500 firms but collaborating with organizations such as the Army Materiel Command, NASA, and several leading defense and aerospace organizations.

Learning Goals

  • Goal 1: The MS-SCLM graduate will demonstrate an understanding of the role of Supply Chain and Logistics Management in analyzing and improving organizational performance.
  • Goal 2: The MS-SCLM graduate will demonstrate an ability to deploy ERP systems for improving an organization’s performance.
  • Goal 3: The MS-SCLM graduate will demonstrate an ability to develop a supply chain and logistics strategy consistent with an organization’s strategy.

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