Guidance on Reimbursement: Canceled Travel Due to the Coronavirus


  • Faculty, Staff, and Students should try to obtain reimbursement for expenses related to canceled travel because of the coronavirus.  Pre-paid travel expenses such as conference registration fees, airline tickets, hotel deposits, etc. should be requested from the company/organization before seeking reimbursement from the University.
  • Individuals will be reimbursed for official University travel that had to be canceled because of the coronavirus.  The requests for reimbursement need to go through the regular reimbursement process with the appropriate paperwork and approvals.  The reason for the reimbursement request must be clearly marked "travel canceled because of coronavirus".
  • If the funds were originally going to be paid from the department or college, then funding from the department or college will pay for the canceled travel.  Faculty should contact the Office of Research and Economic Development for canceled travel if the funding was originally from research contracts and grants.
  • For canceled study abroad travel, if the funds were paid by students, it is the dean's decision whether to reimburse the students from college funds.  If the canceled study abroad travel was to be paid by travel scholarships or other college/university funds, then the scholarship or college/university fund should pay the cost.