Welcome to our website! We hope that providing you information on our partners will assist you in understanding the business processes that support The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Business Services staff interfaces with hundreds of businesses and all campus departments. This means that our department has the added responsibility of projecting a positive, professional image of The University of Alabama in Huntsville throughout the community and the nation. In order to accomplish this task, we put forth an effort to improve customer service, and business relations.

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In particular, the procurement process is not complete until the merchandise is ordered, received, delivered, accepted by the ordering department and the vendor is paid. Who are our partners that have a part in the procurement process? Well, that would include you the ordering departments (our Campus customers), Accounting, Accounts Payable, OSP, Legal, Central Receiving and the vendors. Therefore we strive to ensure that all our business practices are in accordance with applicable federal, state, university codes, statutes, and policies.