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Procurement Card (P-Card) Program FAQs

Q: What purchases can I make on the P-Card?

A: Allowable P-Card Purchases

Q: What purchases are not allowed on the P-Card?

A: Non-Allowable P-Card Purchases

Q: When should I not use the Procurement Card?

A: Procurement Card should not be used for Personal Purchases.

Q: What information is required after completing a purchase  with the Procurement Card?

A: The Backup Requirements form has the detailed list of what is required after a Procurement Card purchases.

Q: What is the maximum amount that I can purchase per transaction?

A: $10,000.00 is the maximum amount that can be purchased per single transaction.

Q: How do I request a temporary increase on my Procurement Card?

A: The Procurement Card Exception Request Form is required to be completed for the increase.