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The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Procurement Card (P-Card) Program is designed to allow the Cardholder to handle authorized purchases up to $10,000.00 per single transaction including freight without delays or paperwork that can accompany larger transactions.

For every purchase that is made using the card, the processing time and effort put forth to pay for that order individually is reduced. As participants in this Procurement Card Program, you are part of an on-going effort to meet the goals of reduced administrative costs for the purchasing of commodities, increased customer service, and establishing appropriate oversight for differing types of purchasing. You can help the University achieve the Program goals by using the card in accordance with the Program policies, and by encouraging participation in the Program, among both employees and vendors. Finally, remember you are representing the University each time you use the Procurement Card. You are acting as a University agent, and as such you must be aware of Purchasing Ethics, see Code of Ethics.

To become a participating Department:

  • Contact Procurement Services and request to be added to the Procurement Card Program.
  • Provide your department organizational chart, signature authority for travel authorizations, and designate Department Reconciler(s) and Approver(s). Your Department Reconciler(s) should be the Budget Manger or someone familiar with the department accounts. Your Department Approver(s) should be the Supervisor, Director, Dean, or Department Head of the selected Cardholder(s) and Reconciler(s).
  • Designate state appropriated accounts to be utilized for the Procurement Card.
  • Participants must receive training for Policies, Procedures, and P-Card Vendor Software.
  • The Department Reconciler(s) must sign the Department Reconciler Agreement.

To become a Cardholder:

  • You must be selected and approved by your Dean, Director or Department Head.
  • You must complete the Application Form.
  • You must receive training for Policies and Procedures and pass the quiz.
  • You must sign the Cardholder Agreement, and the Delegation Authority,at the time you are issued a VISA Procurement Card.
  • You must review and understand the Policies and Procedures Manuals.
  • You must be assigned to a trained Reconciler located in your area to reconcile your transactions.
  • You must establish internal controls and procedures to safeguard the card and the Procurement Card Program.

The University Procurement Card issued in your name is the property of Regions, and is to be used for Official University Business Purchases Only. NEGLECT OR ABUSE OF THE CARD CAN AND WILL RESULT IN SEVERE CONSEQUENCE.