Procedures for Surplus Property as of 9/8/2022


Any University owned item designated salvageable but unusable or obsolete may be claimed as surplus or transferred to another department.  All surplus items must be disposed of in accordance with state law and University procedures. Surplus property auctions are currently handled exclusively through GovDeals.

GovDeals is a public online auction website specializing in the sale of surplus property from state and local governments.


To register for an account, to bid on listed auctions, click the link:




  1. Department fills out the University Surplus Pick-up Request Form (available on the Business Services website under Forms, Asset Management) with descriptive information, including Inventory Numbers and Org number auction proceeds will need to be submitted to
  2. The form is emailed to
  3. Central Receiving (Janice) acknowledges receipt and schedules a pick-up
  4. Large furniture or lab equipment will need to be disassembled by the department
  5. Any items that have come in contact with Hazardous chemicals and substances will need to be cleared by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (forms are available on the website)
  6. The department is responsible for labeling, tagging, cleaning, packing, and securing all items to be picked-up
  7. Asset Management will determine if said items are reusable, sellable, or trash
  8. Items deemed reusable or sellable will stay in the warehouse for 3 weeks
  9. Any items not claimed for reuse, will be sold via the contracted online auction (some items are sold in place versus in the warehouse)
  10. Any items deemed trash will be the requesting department's responsibility to dispose of




  1. No items will be picked-up as surplus without the “University Surplus Pick-up Request Form”.
  2. Department personnel are not authorized to remove inventory tags.
  3. If the item being surplused or disposed of may contain hazardous materials (i.e. oil, mercury, Freon, asbestos, lead, florescent bulbs, batteries, unknown substances, etc) the department is responsible for contacting Environmental Health & Safety at 824-2171 for an evaluation of the item.
  4. The following items must be cleaned and cleared by PI (with clearance form attached, and all labels defaced or removed) before being sent to Surplus Property:
  • Items labeled with “Radioactive Materials” or “Radiation” signs, stickers, or tape. (Radiation                       producing machines with permanent labels must be handled on a case by case basis)
  • Items labeled with “Biohazard” sign, sticker, or tape
  • Laboratory equipment (including casework, fume hoods etc.)
  • Some refrigeration units require Freon removal.  Contact the refrigeration shop at 824-6403 to see if this is required.  If the refrigeration unit has been used ONLY for food, AND is serviceable, the Freon does not have to be removed.
  1. After items are sold online, the auction company sends a report and check (the contracted vendor collects their fees from the buyer)
  2. If the department stated that they wanted the funds from the sell, they receive the money minus 10% that goes to Central Receiving for processing fee
  3. No items are released until proof of payment has been received/verified
  4. Check is received and deposited by Procurement Services (Pamela)
  5. Procurement Services receives from Central Receiving the report of departments requesting the funds from the sale, along with a report of what was sold and how much from the contracted vendor
  6. Then Procurement issues budget transfers for those departments requesting the funds from the sale
  7. The departments receive and sign the budget transfers
  8. Signed transfers are then sent to Accounting once dually signed for processing



The following item must be disposed of through Central Receiving and Shipping:

  • Gas Cylinders



Safety Clearance Form