All equipment $1000 - $4,999.99 will be tagged with a non-capital equipment bar code label. All equipment over $5000 will be tagged with a capital equipment bar code label. All federal equipment, regardless of cost, will be tagged with a federal bar code label. Asset Management conducts a campus-wide survey every two years. The accountability for equipment lies, however, with the Budget Unit Head, who is responsible for all property assigned to his or her area. Call Asset Management for information concerning:

  • Controlling property
  • Equipment screening
  • Disposing of surplus and/or obsolete equipment
  • Obtaining surplus material and equipment

Asset Management functions primarily as a data collection center. The accuracy of their data records depends on the cooperation of the departments to inform Asset Management of equipment changes. Departments should notify Asset Management of any equipment changes or transfers by completing the Property/Relocation Transfer Form (available for download from the forms page)

Surplus Property

Any University owned item designated salvageable but unusable or obsolete may be claimed as surplus or transferred to another department. All surplus items must be disposed of in accordance with state law and University procedures.

Surplus Property


  1. Equipment/property is classified as surplus.
  2. The department completes and submits to Central Receiving the “University Surplus Pick-up Request Form” – with descriptive information, including inventory numbers
  3. An initial assessment of the surplus items will be made prior to scheduling the surplus pick-up
  4. Computers: Information Technology Solutions will pick up and screen all computers, prior to them being entered into surplus
  5. Useable items are displayed Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. in the Central Receiving Building, located next to the Physical Plant Building
  6. Items are disposed of by auction or surplus bid


  1. Department moves are handled by Facilities and Operations.
  2. No items will be picked-up as surplus without the “University Surplus Pick-up Request Form”.
  3. Department personnel are not authorized to remove inventory tags.
  4. If the item being surplussed or disposed of may contain hazardous materials (i.e. oil, mercury, Freon, asbestos, lead, florescent bulbs, batteries, unknown substances, etc) the department is responsible for contacting Environmental Health & Safety at 824-2171 for an evaluation of the item.
  5. The following items must be cleaned and cleared by PI (with clearance form attached, and all labels defaced or removed) before being sent to Surplus Property:
  • Items labeled with “Radioactive Materials” or “Radiation” signs, stickers, or tape. (Radiation producing machines with permanent labels must be handled on a case by case basis)
  • Items labeled with “Biohazard” sign, sticker, or tape
  • Laboratory equipment (including casework, fumehoods, etc.)
  • Some refrigeration units require Freon removal. Contact the refrigeration shop at 256.962.1087 to see if this is required. If the refrigeration unit has been used only for food, and is serviceable, the Freon does not have to be removed.

The following item must be disposed of through Central Receiving and Shipping: