All desktop-laptop-tablet computers and servers costing $1,000 to $4,999 will be tagged and tracked
with a non-capital bar code label. All equipment over costing $5,000 and above will be tagged and
tracked with a capital equipment bar code label. All federal equipment, regardless of cost, will be
tagged with a government property bar code label.

According to University policy and state law, tagged and tracked assets must be inventoried every two
years. Federally titled property is inventoried every year.

The accountability of equipment lies with the budget unit heads of each department and center.
Please call Asset Management for information concerning:

  • Controlling property
  • Equipment screening
  • Disposing of surplus and/or obsolete equipment
  • Obtaining surplus material and equipment
Asset Management’s main function is data collection and recording. The accuracy of that data
depends on the cooperation of each department and center to inform Asset Management of
equipment changes. Departments should notify Asset Management of any equipment changes or

transfers by completing and submitting the Property/Relocation Transfer Form (available for download from the forms page)

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