The Society of Research Administration International (SRAI) provides training modules on various aspects of research administration. We have purchased access to these modules for 1 year for anyone affiliated with UAH.

If you are interested in taking this FREE training, please complete the UAH Research Training Sign Up for SRAI LevelUp Training Modules form.

A list of the modules available and a description of each one is listed on SRAI's website.

Note: This training is being provided FREE by OVPR&ED for 1 year (ending Feb 2024).  To encourage participation, you will have 3 months to complete a module that you select.  If it is not completed within 3 months, a department transfer will be sent to reimburse OVPR&ED for the cost of the module. If you complete a module sooner, you can sign up for another one.  In fact, you could take all 8 modules in the next 12 months, if you wish.

For questions related to access, please contact OVPR&ED at (256) 824-6100 or

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