A message from the president of UAH.

Dear Charger Community,

I continue to be amazed at all of the wonderful and creative things that you do, and I am so proud of your accomplishments here at this university.

With that in mind, please remember that UAH is a part of a larger community, and it is extremely important for us to be great partners both here and across North Alabama. A great way to do just that is by making a donation to the United Way of Madison County. This organization provides vital support to our community, right where we live.

UAH family, let's continue to be great community partners. The UAH United Way campaign kicks off today and continues through Dec. 2. Whether you choose to donate to the community impact fund, target your gift to one of United Way’s 27 partner agencies, or give to a non-profit of your own choosing, your support will make a significant difference in our community.

The United Way of Madison County connects those who can help with people in need. For the past 79 years, United Way has been the heartbeat of our community, responding to Huntsville/Madison County’s most pressing needs and igniting possibilities. Just last year, United Way of Madison county served 91,000 people, almost one quarter of our population. 18,000 received services to address mental health, substance abuse and domestic abuse. And, over 8,000 people improved their financial literacy, moving them away from dependence.

This year’s theme could not be more fitting - Ignite Change, Empower Lives. So, as you consider your charitable contributions this year, I would truly appreciate that you include giving to the United Way.

Go Chargers!


Charles L. Karr

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