Flexible Spending Account open enrollment is underway and ends November 2, 2022.  If you want to participate in a 2023 Flexible Spending Account, you must re-enroll for the 2023 plan year. Annual elections DO NOT carry over from year-to-year! FSA enrollments for 2023 can be made in HR Connection. Click here to visit the open enrollment website to find “How To Enroll” instructions.

IMPORTANT: Remember the “Use it or Lose It” rule imposed by the IRS. Claims must be incurred between January 1 and December 31st each year. Funds do not rollover from year-to-year! You should begin to monitor your FSA account balance for 2022. Please see attached PayFlex flyer for assistance if you still have money left in your FSA account.

  • Last Day to spend funds for 2022 Plan Year:  December 31, 2022
  • Last Day to file claims incurred in the 2022 Plan Year:  March 31, 2023

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Human Resources at 256-824-6640. Remember the PayFlex mobile app is a great way to track your expenses and account balance.

Watch the videos below to learn more about FSA accounts.

Healthcare FSA

Dependent Care FSA

FSA Debit Card

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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