With the Spring semester over and the Summer semester quickly approaching, the Staff Senate is winding down its current term. As we reflect back on this past year, there are a few standout things of which we are very proud to have accomplished:

  • Awarded our fifth Staff Senate Scholarship to a member of the Staff community!
  • Worked with the University of Alabama System Office to arrange for representatives from the System to attend one of our meetings
  • Submitted an Annual Report to the Board of Trustees during the annual UAH meeting of the Board.
  • Offered support to Student Life’s ChargersVote voter registration drive.
  • Organized service projects that benefited both the UAH and Huntsville community.
  • Scheduled a standing monthly meeting with President Dawson.

As we move into the Summer semester, the terms of half of our existing Senators will be coming to an end. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication these Senators have shown over the last two years. As we say goodbye to this group of Senators, we are excited to welcome a new group. Congratulations to our newly elected Senators:

Division Representatives

  • Academic Affairs: Connie Abbott
  • Advancement/Office of the President/ODEI:  Pedro Rodriguez
  • Facilities & Operations: Brant Butler
  • Finance & Administration: Trisha Russell
  • Research: Myles Scarano
  • Student Affairs: Alicia Abernathy

At Large Representatives

  • Ginny Cockerill
  • Jennifer Cole
  • Lonette Jenkins-Bell
  • Hannah Jimmerson
  • Chandler Kramer
  • April McMeans

These Senators will be sworn in during the next Staff Senate meeting in June and their terms will run until 2023.

Last week we announced that we would continue the tradition of raffling door prizes to show our appreciation to the community we represent. Our Events Committee worked hard to solicit donations from various local businesses and we’re proud to be able to give away 40 prizes. To find out if you’re a lucky winner, and see the local businesses that provided donations, click here.

As always, know that the Senate represents YOU! Also, know that we see and hear you. The hard work and diligence each member of the Staff community exhibits daily is appreciated and valued. If you have questions, concerns, or comments please know that you can contact us via email at staffsenate@uah.edu, submit via our Inquiry Form, or contact a Senator directly.


Best wishes,Staff Senate

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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