In an effort to better serve UAH students, faculty, and staff who park vehicles on campus, the University is reorganizing the Office of Parking Management. It will be removed from the UAH Police Department and will instead be housed under the Division of Student Affairs as an independent auxiliary department called Parking Services. This change is effective immediately.

There are several organizational efficiencies that we hope to accomplish with this change:

  • Parking services is an auxiliary enterprise, and will therefore be better managed in concert with other auxiliary units that serve UAH’s students, faculty, and staff.
  • By separating Parking Services functions from Campus Police and Public Safety, each unit will be better equipped to focus on their specific operations, thereby providing an elevated level of service.
  • The Office of Parking Services will be relocated to room 147 in the Conference Training Center. This will free up space in the Police Station and greatly reduce congestion in the lobby area of the Intermodal Facility.

We believe that this organizational change will benefit the campus community as a whole by allowing for new opportunities to better serve and accommodate the parking needs of all UAH constituents.

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