UAH Faculty,

Last year, it was decided that annual reappointment dossiers would be shifted to an electronic format using Faculty180. The Faculty180 system was piloted with success using first year faculty members. Now, Interfolio (the company that owns Faculty180) has developed a new and improved option for dossier submissions called Review, Promotion, and Tenure (“RPT”). After much testing over the summer, the Faculty 180 Governance Committee recommended to the administration that we shift to using RPT for all reappointment dossiers starting in Spring 2021.

Therefore, beginning with the January 2021 cycle, the dossiers (i.e. reappointment files) for all tenure-earning faculty, clinical, and lecturer reappointments will be compiled and reviewed using the new RPT system within Faculty 180.  The RPT system is quite intuitive and easy to use based on input from faculty piloting the product.  For example, using RPT is similar to actions such as dragging and dropping documents from your computer to a Google drive or attaching them to an email.  There are a number of advantages to using RPT:

  • Provides a more intuitive, user friendly interface for faculty users and the reviewers.
  • Attachments can be viewed on-screen without the need to download.
  • Provides an electronic workflow for evaluations similar to Faculty180.
  • Maintains a digital copy of all documents that can be used for future reappointment dossiers and comprehensive files for promotion and/or tenure.

Please note that the annual evaluations (FAR/FARE) will continue to be submitted through Faculty 180 as we did last spring.  All activities need to be updated and reviewed on a regular basis in your Faculty180 account.  As in the previous cycle, all teaching and SIE data will be uploaded for you.

Training resources are available for RPT and FAR/FARE now.  More resources will be forthcoming and Zoom sessions will be scheduled beginning in December for those who need to build their reappointment dossier within RPT for the Spring 2021 cycle.  All faculty have access to RPT via the main navigation menu in Faculty180.  Please feel free to explore this new functionality.

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