On August 1, 2020, The University of Alabama System issued the “Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan: Summary of Plan Revisions,” which gives health and safety requirements for the three UA System campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The UAH interim Policy 02.01.71 Safety and Health Requirements for Presence on UAH’s Campus During the COVID-19 Pandemic (“Policy”) complies with the UA System Health and Safety Plan and will be updated as needed to remain in compliance.

The previously provided “Expectation and Enforcement Notice,” established by the UA System and available at https://www.uah.edu/return-to-campus/guiding-principles/community-expectations-and-enforcement, delineates the penalties for not complying with the health and safety requirements. The reporting and enforcement of the Policy, in conjunction with the “Expectation and Enforcement Notice,” will follow in principle the processes and procedures in the Staff Handbook (for staff) and the Faculty Handbook (for faculty). Modifications to the standard procedures necessitated by the penalties outlined in the Notice are included in the attached document, Reporting and Enforcement of “Expectation and Enforcement Notice.” These modifications clarify, but do not materially change, the process as stated in either handbook.

The Reporting and Enforcement of “Expectation and Enforcement Notice” document describes two different processes: one for staff and one for faculty. The process for staff follows the Staff Handbook. The contact people who will assist staff and staff supervisors are Laurel Long, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, laurel.long@uah.edu or +1 256 824 6545 and Ramona Burroughs, ramona.burroughs@uah.edu or +1 256 824 2286. The process for faculty follows the Faculty Handbook. The contact person for faculty and for deans, associate deans, chairs, and academic directors is Christine Curtis, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Christine.Curtis@uah.edu or +1 256 824 6337. Please copy Michele Kennedy at michele.kennedy@uah.edu or +1 256 824 6337.

Information on the procedure to report faculty and staff if a violation occurs is given the attached document. Also given are the steps that must be followed when a violation occurs.

Please contact the individuals listed above if you have any questions.

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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