As we charge toward the end of the Spring semester we would like to share several pieces of information that might be helpful in successfully finishing the semester.

Pass/Withdraw Grading Option.  On Monday, April 6, 2020, we announced an update to the grading policy, allowing students to opt-in to Pass/Withdraw grading for courses.  Students will make this decision on a course-by-course basis after discussing their individual situation with advisors. Faculty will not know whether students switch to Pass/Withdraw grading, so please continue to grade as you normally would.

Incomplete Grades.  In addition to Pass/Withdraw grading, an extension to the time for resolving Incomplete grades was also announced.  The change will give students until the end of Fall 2020 to remedy Incomplete grades earned during this Semester.  Likewise, students and faculty who are working to remedy Incomplete grades from a prior semester can request an extension by sending an email request to the Provost’s Office.

Final Exams.  Final exams will undoubtedly be a challenge for faculty and students alike. The biggest challenge will likely be having time to complete exams given connectivity issues some face.  We are not able to extend the time allotted for each exam because of potential conflicts with other courses.  It is important to think about the length of the exam and what can reasonably be completed within the typical 2.5-hour final exam period. Flexible approaches such as giving students a 24-hour period to begin an exam, with a specified time limit once opened or other creative solutions are encouraged. 

Final Grades.  Once we enter the final exam period it is critical that final grades are submitted in a timely manner.  Please keep in mind the 48-hour window after your final exam for submitting grades, and submit grades as soon as possible but not later than May 1.  Students will have only one week after viewing grades to discuss options with their advisors and make a decision on switching to Pass/Withdraw.  Also please note, the Registrar’s Office will be rolling grades nightly. This means that once you enter grades in Banner students will be able to see them the next day, unlike years past where grades were held until all faculty had submitted.  Any grades changed after they have been submitted and rolled will require you to submit a change of grade form. 

Change of Grade Form.  The Registrar’s Office has developed an electronically fillable Change of Grade form for faculty who need to change grades from prior semester.  This will allow the form to be completed and circulated via email, eliminating the need to print and mail forms.  The form can be found at

Communicate About Summer and Fall Semesters.  Please continue to communicate frequently with your students to help reduce uncertainty and fear they are facing.  Reassure your students that we will be offering our normally scheduled courses for Summer and Fall semesters, and that these courses will be of high quality.  It is important to connect with students and reinforce the desire to have them return to UAH and complete their programs of study with us.

Thank you for the tremendous effort given to helping our students succeed in these extraordinary times.  

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