With the widespread use of Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FBI is warning of a trend that is disruptive at best, and more often offensive, or even criminal.  "Zoombombing" is a cyberattack where uninvited guests hijack a Zoom teleconference. Universities and companies are reporting that meetings have been interrupted by people drawing offensive imagery on screen, sharing pornographic images, doxxing (sharing the person information of) people in the chat, or using hate speech and threats.

To help reduce the risk of having your Zoom meetings interrupted, our Enhanced Teaching and Learning (ETL) group has developed a guide with several methods for managing Zoom meetings.  Instructions for the different approaches are contained in the attached document. Many of the methods listed in the document can be applied to scheduled meetings by editing the meeting settings or by changing the user settings before the meeting starts.  There are also things you can do after the meeting is underway. 

By taking a few simple actions you can help prevent Zoombombing attacks.  As always, if you need assistance ETL is ready to help via phone or email. Please contact helpdesk@uah.edu or call 256-824-3333.  Please share this message with part-time faculty and staff who may not be included in the campus email system.

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