UAH's Student Staff and Faculty Emergency (SSAFE) Fund was created by Delois and Edward Smith in 2003 for the purpose of helping those in need across our campus. Though circumstances in our world have changed, the goal of the SSAFE fund remains the same. The fund is used to assist members of the UAH community who find themselves in emergency financial situations. The fund has helped with rent, groceries, utilities, insurance, car payments, and medical and education expenses. 

In the upcoming days and weeks, I hope we all can look to our neighbors and support each other just like we always have. Our UAH Family is smart, strong, and compassionate, and I know we will get through this together.

As we strengthen our fundraising efforts toward this cause, we ask that you share this information with only those that may be interested in supporting this growing need. Please do not disseminate this information to students as there are very limited funds at this point in time.

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