Starting tomorrow, March 28th food services will operate out of Gardenview Café.

Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  • We are only open to UAH students, faculty and staff to reduce outside exposure. Guests must present their UAH ID in order to purchase meals.
  • We are not accepting cash at this time. We only accept Charger Card, Credit/Debit cards and Apple Pay for payment. Guests will swipe their own cards, cashiers will not touch the cards.
  • We only offer to-go options, with all items served by our attendants. GrubHub will be turned back on Tuesday March 31st for Gardenview (menu attached).
  • For the purpose of social distancing, no one is allowed to eat or congregate in the dining room or lobby areas.

To keep up with any sudden changes and to quickly access information regarding dining checkout the following link for our social media sites, hours and apps.

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