To all Faculty and Students involved in research,

As COVID-19 has impacted our place of work, our delivery of course instruction to our students, our home environment, and life on a daily basis, I want to assure you, as Chair of the UAH IRB committee, we will continue to receive and process IRB applications. We are also checking emails every day as usual.

I have been in communication with the Director and Research Compliance Officer at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa as they conduct the first reviews of our IRB applications.  The Director has assured me they are able to maintain operations and process IRB applications as long as they remain in good health.

For all research activities that involve face-to-face recruitment, data collection, interviews, focus groups, or participants engaging in any activities that involve personal contact, keep in mind that it is our responsibility to protect human subjects and minimize risks.

If your study has been approved and you need to alter the study procedures related to any of the activities listed above, you will need to submit a revision of an already approved study. Please be assured that we will review your revisions with a quick turnaround so you are able to continue with your study. These reviews of revisions to approved studies are not sent to UA.

If your study is funded, we recommend you reach out to your funding agency, as many grant funding agencies are aware of the impact COVID-19 has had across our country and are making adjustments and being flexible with due dates for reports and the submission of documents. Many are also aware that researchers may need to change their protocols and will work through this process with you. They may also require you to work with your IRB when changes involving human subjects are needed.

We are grateful that our university, community, state, and country are closely monitoring the COVID-19 virus. Please let the IRB know if you have any questions concerning the submission of IRB applications or changes to your current approved IRB application.


Ann L. Bianchi, PhD, RN
Associate Professor, College of Nursing
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Director, Nursing Honors
Chair, Institutional Review Board Committee

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