Welcome back to UAH! We hope that you had a good holiday break. We are glad you are here and are excited about starting spring semester. 

As you start spring semester, please review the important dates for the semester or terms in which you are enrolled. The dates for drop/add, drop with refund, final exams and other important dates for the academic semester and the different terms within the semester are given on the Registrar’s website at https://www.uah.edu/registrar/calendars?view=article&id=13843:spring-dates&catid=122:registrar

For the given semester or term in which students are enrolled, students may add courses without special approvals and may drop courses and receive a refund up until the last drop/add date given for the semester or term. After the drop/add date, students must have approval to make schedule changes and cannot receive a refund for dropped courses. 

Please keep in mind that not attending class is not the same as dropping the course. Students, you are responsible for tuition charges for any course that you do not drop before the drop with refund date. Please be certain to drop unwanted courses. Faculty can expect changes to their class rolls through the drop/add dates after which enrollment should be stable.

We hope you have a great semester. 

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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