For a number of reasons, we will extend the opening of the Student Portal for the Research and Creative Experiences for Undergraduates (RCEU) Program until December 20. Students must apply through ChargerPath.

The portal for faculty/research staff to submit a final proposal will open at the latest within the first week of the new year.

My apologies for the changes and delays.

In the meantime, I must make a few key reminders:

* I continue to get requests for permission to access the RCEU Google-Drive documents from non-UAH Google accounts. All content on the Google-Drive account is ONLY accessible from a UAH Google account.

* The ChargerPath portal will be open for faculty and staff even over the holiday break. Faculty/research staff: I encourage you to start now to review your applications in order to prepare for in-person interviews ASAP at the start of the Spring semester. Anticipate that we will have a short turn-around window for you to submit your final proposal.

Further information about the RCEU is found at the two links below.

Unless I get the Faculty Portal completed sooner, this will be the final notice from me about the Program for this year.

Enjoy the holidays!

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