The ChargerPath portal for students to apply for the RCEU20 Program will close in the evening of Friday, December 13. This deadline will NOT be extended.

We encourage faculty and research staff to begin interviewing student applicants even now before the break. The deadline for submission of the final proposals for the Program will be in the first or second week of classes in the upcoming Spring semester.

Students: You will need to interview the project mentor; accept a position when offered; put your letter of offer, transcript, curriculum vitae, and certification documents in order; and decline all other offers.

Faculty and Research Staff: You will need to interview your student applicants; make an offer and obtain a positive reply; and compile the files from the student with your supporting documents.

Given the short time to complete the final application stage, we encourage students and faculty/research staff now to start the next steps in the application process and to take these last steps seriously. We have more applications than we can fund with stipends. When a student has been funded with a stipend but then drops out of the Program before it starts, we will NOT allow substitutions of other students on the project; we will move on to fund a stipend for the next proposal in the ranking. Students Especially: This should mean that saying YES to an offer from a project mentor means yes absolutely, not “unless I get something better”. Please also remember that you can accept only ONE offer and that you MUST decline any and all other offers in writing.

I hope to have the final application portal open early next week.

We look forward to your final applications to the Program.

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