Greetings from Enhanced Teaching and Learning (ETL)! We have some exciting new Canvas updates as well as some process changes to be aware of as you prepare for future courses:

Update to Manual Enrollments in Canvas Beginning this Semester
If you need to manually enroll a faculty member or TA in Canvas, please use the role titled "TA" or "Faculty." Do not use the "Teacher" role. Adjustments have been made to the Canvas/Banner sync, and "Teachers" must now be enrolled in the course via Banner.

Canvas Commons
We are excited to announce a new tool that will be available for UAH faculty this fall: Canvas Commons. Commons is a learning object repository that enables faculty to find, import, and share digital resources. The Student Success Center (SSC) and Enhanced Teaching and Learning (ETL) are working to develop resources for faculty that can be used across disciplines. This video provides an overview of how to access this new tool.

New Gradebook
Canvas has developed a New Gradebook and it will become the global default in January 2020. The New Gradebook has a lot of exciting new features that will be helpful for instructors. You can enable the New Gradebook for your courses now if you would like to use it for the summer or fall semesters. To learn more, view this informational video, read over the product FAQs, or review the New Gradebook tutorials in the Canvas Guides.

Image Cards for Courses
Ready to add some visual interest to the Canvas Dashboard for you and your students? Course image cards are now available for instructors to enable. Simply turn on the course Feature Option titled, "Enable Dashboard Images for Courses." Then, add an image via your course's Settings page.

As always, upcoming training opportunities are listed on the UAH Events Calendar.

If you have any questions about the above information or if you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the ETL team, please contact the OIT Help Desk (256.824.3333;

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