Chemical compounds are analyzed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR, Spectroscopy, a technique based on the same principles as MRIs used in hospitals.  NMR is one of the most common analytical technique for the determination of chemical structures.   It is such an important technique that the American Chemical Society decided that students need to have hands-on training on NMR machines in order for them to get their Bachelor Degrees in Chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society. 

UAH did not have an NMR machine until 2002 when Mr. Lonnie McMillian donated more than two million Dollars to UAH, which is just one of several gifts Mr. McMillian made to UAH.  This particular gift was for the purchase of NMR machines and the construction of the building in which the machines reside.  Ever since each and every UAH Chemistry student has been trained on these instruments.  Equally, NMR spectroscopy is indispensable for chemical research and the facility is used by most of the faculty in the Department on an almost daily basis. 

Sadly, Mr. McMillian passed away late last year.  The Chemistry faculty decided to honor him by awarding a book prize to an outstanding Chemistry student.  Due to the generosity of the Chemistry faculty, enough money was collected to present two book prizes.  The recipients are McKinley Wheeley, who wants to return to his native Lawrence County, TN and teach High School Chemistry and Travis Budisalich who plans on attending medical school at UAB after graduation from UAH. 

Travis Budisalich

Travis Budisalich receives his book prize from Dr. Scholz.

Mckinley Wheeley

McKinley Wheeley receives his book prize from Dr. Vogler.

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